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giving well

Using money to make a meaningful impact. 

Time is a finite resource. You may not have time to give to all the causes you wish to support, but you can give financially. Ideally, we hope to give to organizations that not only share our believes and causes, but ones that use money efficiently. We want to find organizations that steward money well. 

Defining what this looks like is crucial and thinking through a giving plan can help us accomplish more impactful giving. Aside from picking out the right non-profits to partner with, using the appropriate tax vehicle can also be a key factor.


From simple year-to-year giving, to forming a Donor Advised Fund, we enjoy helping clients with this and can serve in various functions, ranging from an additional set of eyes and ears, to engaging a professional giving team to engage the next generation in giving and to provide custom and detailed reports on ways to enact a giving plan around your specific areas you feel called to give. 

sample of nonprofits our clients have given to

Act For Justice.jpg
Champions of Hope.jpg
Education Opens Doors ii.jpg
Human Coalition.png
New Friends New Life.jpg
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