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How we get there



We help individuals, families, and family offices invest their money. Because we are fully independent, there is no pressure to push specific funds or solutions on our clients. The investment tools at our disposal are virtually limitless. We are fiduciaries for the benefit of those we work with. 


We believe in long-term investing based on your goals, needs, and risk tolerance level. We believe the markets cannot be "timed" consistently over the long term. Attempting to do so is not only unnecessarily risky, but is also likely to increase your tax burden and increase trading fees – both of which are counterproductive to building and/or protecting long-term wealth.


We use low-cost funds, ETFs, and individual securities for most situations. We also assist in locating private investment opportunities when applicable. We never use front-end-loaded or back-end-loaded funds. Paying a commission to buy or sell something may work in real estate, but we believe that it has the potential to create conflicts of interests when it comes to investing. In addition to being low cost, most of the funds and ETFs we use have zero transaction fees as well. Minimizing fees is something we can all agree on.


We pay attention to our clients' asset allocations as it relates to potential tax burdens. There are tax benefits to reap as it relates to tax-loss harvesting, long-term gains, and appropriate asset-to-account allocation (e.g., which investments to hold in an IRA, Roth, or taxable account). Minimizing the tax burden is always a good thing.


Most private clients that we serve have some of their net worth locked up elsewhere. From a privately owned business or real estate to a stock option plan or current 401(k) plan, we want to ensure the portfolio we build provides healthy diversification from what you already own. Proper yin to your yang. 



Here is our annual management cost:


  • $0 to $1 million – 1.00%

  • $1 million to $2.5 million – 0.75%

  • $2.5 million to $5 million – 0.50%

  • $5 million and up – 0.25%

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