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Womack Financial was founded to provide fully independent, unbiased, and transparent investment management at a cost that is fair and simple to understand.

When the firm was launched in 2011, we had zero clients lined up to "seed" us for launch. Josh stepped away from a career in public accounting to pursue a passion and a dream. His first clients were family, friends, and former co-workers. We have worked hard to ensure that as the business grows, it remains client-focused and is built on mutual trust, communication, and transparency.

Around the time Josh's dad retired (the first time), he was getting hit up with all sorts of investment seminars and dinner events. After several invites, Josh and his dad decided to go to one of these events to see what they were all about. It ended up being a hard sales pitch to invest in a way that was great for the advisory firm, but marginal at best for the investors. This event was one of several that lit the match and fueled a desire to make a difference in this business.

The original goal was to build a firm from the ground up, focusing on what is best for the client. This simple goal still drives the decisions we make for our clients every day. 

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Josh Womack

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Financial Advisor

stephen olmon

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Investment Manager

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