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built from the ground up with a client-first mindset




"My goal was to build a firm from the ground up, focusing on what is best for the client. This was of utmost importance, since my first clients were family, friends, and former co-workers. I've worked hard to ensure that as the business grows, it remains client-focused and is built on mutual trust, communication, and transparency."


– Josh Womack

client stories

We helped Jason evaluate a wide range of private investment opportunities, from real estate and VC opportunities to interests in commercial assets.

After evaluating the total costs and services he was receiving, Tim left the family office group of a highly recognized wealth management firm to allow us to serve him and his family. 

As they save for the future, Chris and Amy wanted faith-based investments exclusively. We built a diversified portfolio of investments to meet this desire, while staying within the risk/reward profile appropriate for them. 

Kristen had accumulated a significant amount of restricted stock in her company. We built a plan with her to gradually sell and diversify her portfolio.

Because Sharon's income was highly variable, we developed an investment plan for her long-term goals, as well as a portion to be there for her if needed in the near term. 

Ben and Sarah inherited a material sum of money. We helped chart a course to reinvest those funds, financially plan for a career change, and build a donor advised fund to allow for strategic charitable giving.

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